For your speaker

Take full advantage of your Devialet Phantom’s high fidelity capabilities.

Broadcast your music in top quality

Connect an Octavio STREAM device to your Devialet Phantom to access all your music content via Wi-Fi in optimal quality.

Compatible with all the major streaming services, Octavio’s simple and intuitive mobile application will allow you to make your Devialet system completely autonomous, to devote it entirely to your music.

Octavio STREAM also makes your Devialet system compatible with Lossless standards (up to 24 bits / 192 kHz).

Connection method

Connect your Octavio STREAM to your Devialet system using the optical cable provided with the Octavio.

With this connection, you can take full advantage of the decoding and audio processing power built into your Phantom.

Optical connection to a Devialet Phantom

Return of use

“Equipped with Devialet Phantoms, I installed an Octavio to fill the gaps in Devialet.

Octavio allows me to have a stable and Lossless broadcast on my Phantoms.

Indeed Devialet used to allow with dos1 and Spark to have an application directly integrating streaming services (Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal…) but with the passage with dos2, Devialet has regressed functionally and now requires its customers to stream in Airplay, UPnP, or worse, in Bluetooth (a nonsense in terms of sound quality).

Also to free myself from mobilizing my phone to broadcast in Airplay, Octavio is connected in optical on a Phantom and allows me to launch my playlists in CD quality, or even FLAC Lossless and to free my phone afterwards because it is not the source of streaming but just the remote control of the application.

Octavio also enables Airplay 2 for owners of early versions of Phantom not equipped with Airplay.

Also seduced by an affordable product, made in France by a dynamic startup and listening to its customers.

On the application side, the French startup Octavio has succeeded where Devialet failed”.

Arnaud C.

Devialet X Octavio installation by Arnaud C.

Multiroom broadcasting

Connect an Octavio device to each of your Devialet speakers and take advantage of Octavio’s integrated multiroom mode.

This allows you to play different music on each Phantom or the same music everywhere at once, in total synchronization.

If you have a pair of Devialet Phantoms, it is also possible to assign a left channel to one of your speakers and the right channel to your second Phantom for optimal spatialization.

Supported music services

Link your streaming account (Deezer / Qobuz / Tidal / Amazon Music) to your Octavio application to access all your music in top quality.

To enjoy your music from Spotify, open the official Spotify application (with Spotify Connect) and click on your Octavio device. This will be directly recognized by the Spotify application and will allow you to broadcast all your content easily.

It is also possible to enjoy the same principle from the Tidal application, through Tidal Connect.

Pour diffuser votre musique depuis Apple Music, ouvrez l'application et cliquez sur l'icône AirPlay (accessible uniquement sur un smartphone iOS). Then select your Octavio device and play your music.

It is also possible to stream all your favorite radios from the TuneIn integration in the Octavio application.

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