For your vintage audio system

Discover how to combine Octavio STREAM with your Vintage Hi-Fi system

Upgrade your audio system

Thanks to Octavio STREAM, access all your streaming music on your Hi-Fi system.

Connect an Octavio STREAM device with the supplied audio cable to the audio input of your Hi-Fi system or audio amplifier.

Then connect your Octavio STREAM device to your Wi-Fi network through the Octavio mobile app (available on iOS and Android).

Select the source used by Octavio (RCA or optical) on your Hi-Fi system.

Stream all your music wirelessly to Octavio, which will redirect the audio stream to your Hi-Fi system.

Connection method

Connect Octavio STREAM to your audio system using the cable provided.

In most cases, the RCA cable (with white and red plugs) will be useful to connect your Octavio device to your audio system.

RCA connection to a Hi-Fi system

Connexion RCA à un amplificateur

Supported music services

Link your streaming account (Deezer / Qobuz / Tidal / Amazon Music) to your Octavio application to access all your music in top quality.

To enjoy your music from Spotify, open the official Spotify application (with Spotify Connect) and click on your Octavio device. This will be directly recognized by the Spotify application and will allow you to broadcast all your content easily.

It is also possible to enjoy the same principle from the Tidal application, through Tidal Connect.

Pour diffuser votre musique depuis Apple Music, ouvrez l'application et cliquez sur l'icône AirPlay (accessible uniquement sur un smartphone iOS). Then select your Octavio device and play your music.

It is also possible to stream all your favorite radios from the TuneIn integration in the Octavio application.

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