Your best gateway to high fidelity

Discover the Octavio device control application, available in beta version

The most intuitive audio constructor application

To bring high fidelity to as many people as possible, we have designed our application to be easy to use, regardless of your audio or technical knowledge

The greatest music in high quality

Link the Octavio Virtuoso app to your streaming account and explore over 70 million tracks on your Octavio device

Look no further, find it.

Octavio Virtuoso’s search tab allows you to find any track, from your streaming service to your networked music library

Think bigger

Octavio Virtuose can also be found on your Android or iPad tabletfor superior control ergonomics

Live or rebroadcast programs

Find the world’s greatest radio stations and enjoy your podcasts without limits

En avant Maestro

Control your music at your fingertips by managing multiple Octavio systems in your home

Switch your music from room to room or group multiple audio systems for perfectly synchronized music

It evolves with you

A desire for functionality? Any comments?

Submit it, it will be forwarded to our development team and you will be notified of its availability