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Music can literally make you happy

That music can help you feel better, it is not a secret. But, what not everybody knows is that music has a real effect on your body too.

That’s why we won’t deny the power of music and shine a light on it one more time.

General effects

The effects a lot of you might have already experienced, are of the stimulating type. The expressive and emotional nature of music makes you often self-aware and makes you feel suppressed feelings. It can stimulate the part in your brain responsible for imagination and it changes your mood without you noticing it.

Music therapy

Apart from changing your mood on a daily basis, music has a big influence on your mental health in total. Music therapy is a kind of therapy where they use music to cure mental issues, sounds logical right. But it includes more than you might think. There are two types of music therapy. There is passive therapy where you simply listen to music and feel the feelings that come along with it. During active music therapy, you are actually busy with music. Songwriting, singing or playing an instrument are all methods that are used. Music can increase resilience. For example people who have been through trauma might feel a touch of reality coming back to them thanks to music.

Effects on the body

Not only mentally we can count on music to support us, our bodies react to it as well. For example your blood flow increases when you are listening to music you find joyful. Or when you listen to Mozart for 12 minutes or more your blood pressure will decrease. In China, they believe in an even greater power of music. Chinese physicians say that the meridian systems of your body resonate with certain musical tones. When your body hears these tones, the vibrations help to heal your internal organs.

As you can see, the influence of music is everywhere. Because we at Octavio have known and experienced this for a long time, we were extra motivated to find the easiest way possible to listen to music. We created Octavio for you, now it is up to you to make yourself the happiest you can be!

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