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The perfect place for your speakers

Maybe you noticed that your sound is not perfect. You are missing details and are not satisfied with the quality of your music. The first things people think of is to change settings, buy an amplifier or even a whole new sound system. Although this might work, you can start with an easier (and cheaper) solution. Giving your speakers an effective place might just be the solution for you. Here at Octavio, we give you some tips because all we want, is to give you the ultimate music experience. Try them, and decide for yourself!


Let's start by deciding where in your room to place the different speakers:

1. If you have a small room, place your speakers as far away from the wall as possible, up to a maximum of one meter. The closer you are to that one meter, the better. If you have a larger space, you can place the speakers further, approaching one meter. Ideal is to avoid the zone between 1 and 2,2 meters. If you keep this in mind, the mid-range and mid-bass will improve.

2. When you are working with a surround system, it is recommended to place the subwoofer at least 30 cm from a corner. This is to avoid reverberation and echo coming from the wall.

3. If you work with two speakers, it is ideal to work in an equilateral triangle. This means that the distance between the two speakers is the same as between the speakers and your seat. It also means that from the seat's point of view, the speakers are on a 60° angle from each other.


Now that we have placed our speakers at the right distance, we have to aim them right as well:

If you work with speakers on a stand or hanging speakers, it is recommended to place them at ear level. This is all the more important in a home theater configuration.


Now that the speakers are placed correctly, you have to take a look at the surroundings as well. This can have a major effect on how the sound waves reach you (read how you receive your music):

1. It might seem obvious, but it is best not to put anything in front of your speakers. This doesn't only mean directly in front of the speaker. For example putting furniture in the space between your speaker and your couch can have a negative effect as well.

2. The next tip is especially for mount speakers. The surface you put them on is important. It is best to put them on a layer of foam or another type of absorptive material.

Ground plan

Was this all a bit much and would a clear plan be nice to help you on your way? Of course, we made you one.

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